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Subscription Cancellation or Temporary Pause
Subscription Cancellation or Temporary Pause

How to schedule the cancellation of your subscription or temporarily pause it, and important considerations.

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You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, without any additional cost.

Steps to cancel or pause your subscription:

  1. Click on 'My Account' in the top right corner.

  2. Enter your email and password and click 'Log in'.

  3. In the 'Settings' tab, choose 'Cancel Subscription' or 'Pause Subscription'.

Cancel Subscription:

- You can schedule the cancellation to keep Premium access until the end of the current cycle (monthly or yearly). No new invoices will be generated after the cancellation.

Pause Subscription:

- Pause for 1 to 3 months without charges. The subscription will automatically reactivate after the pause period. You can reactivate the subscription earlier by contacting our support team.

How to Reactivate the Subscription:

- The subscription will automatically reactivate after the pause. To reactivate it earlier, contact our support via chat on the website or email [email protected].

Important Considerations:

- Schedule the cancellation before the next renewal to avoid new charges. If the renewal is close, cancel in advance to avoid generating a new invoice.

- If an invoice is generated, the subscription will be canceled at the end of the new cycle.

Brazilian Customers with Hotmart Subscriptions:

- New subscriptions via Hotmart are not available, but still-active old subscriptions must be canceled through Hotmart.

- The cancellation through Hotmart is immediate, so cancel close to the renewal date to maximize service usage.

If you have any questions or need help with cancellation, pause, or reactivation, contact our support team via chat on the website

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