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Can I access my account on more than one computer?
Can I access my account on more than one computer?

Understand how access to the Blocks plugin works.

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You can install the Blocks plugin on as many computers as you wish and access your account through all of them. However, it's necessary to log out of your user profile on one device to access the same profile on another device.

For example, you could access the available families in the Blocks plugin through your user profile on the office computer during the day. In the evening, after disconnecting from your profile on the office computer, you could access it at home through another computer using the same user profile. This is possible because you would be accessing one device at a time, not simultaneously.

Simultaneous Access:

If you wish to access our families on multiple devices simultaneously, it's also possible if you have an active subscription with us that allows for simultaneous access.

During the subscription creation, you can define the ideal number of user profiles you'd like to create so that all users can access a variety of families simultaneously on different devices through the Blocks plugin. In this case, each user would access their own user profile, and all profiles would be linked to the same subscription.

Simultaneous access can be very useful, for example, if you are part of a team of 2 or more members and want everyone to have Premium access to the Blocks plugin at the same time.

It's worth considering that each user can maintain their own individual customizations, such as choosing favorites.

It is recommended to define the number of user profiles linked to your subscription according to the number of users who will access our families. This way, everyone can access the full range of families we provide, unlimited and simultaneously.

Does the subscription cost change based on the number of user profiles defined?

Yes, the number of user profiles is directly related to the subscription cost. The cost changes depending on the number of user profiles defined.

For example, if you wanted to create 2 user profiles linked to a single active subscription, the cost of this subscription would be doubled. To create up to 3 user profiles, the cost would be tripled, and so on, following this logic.

Our support team can adjust the number of user profiles linked to a single active subscription according to your preference. This adjustment can be made at any time you desire.

To contact our support team, please access the chat on our official website:

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