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Currency and conversion
Currency and conversion

Understand how Blocks receives payments and how currency conversion works.

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The subscription price displayed on our site is based on the local currency, but payments are considered international transactions when made outside of Spain.

If the credit card is issued outside of Spain, it must be enabled for international purchases for payments to be processed successfully.

Currency Conversion:

If the Euro is not the official currency in your region, the amount will be converted to Euros during payment, based on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. If the local currency is the Euro, no conversion is needed.

Some banks may not allow currency conversion during payment, resulting in the transaction being declined. In this case, contact the card-issuing bank or try using another credit card.

Important Considerations:

- The bank may convert the currency at a different time/day than the payment, resulting in a final amount different from the one displayed on our site. This difference is the responsibility of the bank or credit card company.

- You can view the exact values of the monthly and annual subscriptions on our page:

If you have any questions, contact our support via chat on our website:

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