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Compatible Revit Versions with the Blocks Plugin
Compatible Revit Versions with the Blocks Plugin

Learn about the minimum recommended Revit versions for the Blocks plugin to function correctly.

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For the Blocks plugin to work properly, Revit must be at least version 2020.2.6. For each subsequent year of Revit, a specific minimum version is recommended:

  • Revit 2020: 2020.2.6

  • Revit 2021: 2021.1.5

  • Revit 2022: 2022.1.1

  • Revit 2023: 2023.1.3

  • Revit 2024: 2024.1.1

  • Revit 2025: Update recommended by Autodesk

You can check for available updates for Revit through the Autodesk Access application and by managing your account on the Autodesk website.

If no updates appear, access your Autodesk account and adjust the search filter for updates to a more extended period.

Click here to see the guidance provided by Autodesk on updating Revit.

If you have any questions, contact our support via chat on our website:

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