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The Plugin Window is Blank
The Plugin Window is Blank

What to do when the Blocks plugin window is blank?

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The plugin window may be completely blank for three reasons:

1. Your Revit is Not Updated

We recommend keeping your Revit updated with the latest versions from Autodesk. Updates fix various errors, including issues that may affect the plugin's functionality. For example, in Revit 2020, an error prevented the plugin from working until version 2020.2.5. This was fixed in version 2020.2.6.

2. The Plugin Can't Access the Internet

The plugin only works with internet access. If something is blocking the access, the screen will remain blank. Factors such as Windows firewall settings or antivirus software may prevent the plugin from accessing the internet.

To troubleshoot connection issues, we recommend seeking technical support for Windows.

3. Your Plugin is Not Updated

If the window is blank with the message "not found," the plugin version is outdated. The plugin typically updates automatically, but versions earlier than 1.0.3 do not have automatic updates and need to be uninstalled and downloaded again from the Blocks website.

If you have any questions, contact our support via chat on our website:

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