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Loaded a Family and It Didn't Appear
Loaded a Family and It Didn't Appear

What to do when the selected family in the plugin does not appear in Revit

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Several factors can cause a loaded family in Revit not to appear. Let's review the most common ones:

1. Visibility/Graphics (VG)

The loaded families might be hidden in the Visibility/Graphics settings of the view in Revit. Use the VG command on the keyboard to access the settings.

Check the category of the family you are trying to insert and see if it is enabled in the VG settings of your project's view.

2. Specific Host

Some families can only be inserted into specific hosts. For example, some light fixtures can only be inserted into ceilings. If there is no ceiling in your project, Revit will not allow the insertion of the family, displaying a blocking symbol next to the mouse (🚫).

Understand what the family's host is and create it in your project before inserting the family.

3. Family Loading Issue

There might be an issue with the family that prevents it from loading, though this is a remote possibility.

To check if the family was loaded, press ESC and search for the family in the Component tool or the appropriate tool (such as doors and windows).

If you find the family, it means it was loaded correctly.

4. Create a New View

If none of the above solutions work, create a new view and see if the family appears. This is important because other factors, such as Filters or Project Phases, might prevent the family from being displayed. A new view typically won't have these issues.

If you continue having problems with the family, contact our support team via chat on our website:

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