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How to Use the Blocks Plugin
How to Use the Blocks Plugin

Tutorial on the main tools and features of the Blocks plugin

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In this article, you will understand how the Blocks plugin works and its main tools and features.

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Where to find the plugin?

After installation, you will find the Blocks plugin in the Add-Ins tab of Revit (Complementos in Spanish).


The first step to use it is to log in to your account.


After logging in, select the profile that will use the Blocks plugin on this computer. The number of profiles is defined in your subscription.

To start the plugin, select the desired profile by clicking on it (1).

You can manage your profile, change the image, name, and add people to your team.

  1. Profiles: View your profile information.

  2. Manage: Edit your profile and manage your teams.

  3. Log Out: Log out of your account in the Plugin.

  4. Subscription: View your account type: Free or Premium.

  5. Family Library: View the number of families available in the Blocks Plugin.

Each profile has its own favorites list. Deleting a profile also deletes the favorites list.

General Interface / Families

  1. Families: View all families in the Blocks library. The most recent ones are at the top.

  2. Collections: View the collections created weekly, the most recent at the top.

  3. Saved: View the families you saved.

  4. History: View the families used recently.

  5. Most Used Families: View the families most used by users in the last 24 hours or 30 days.

  6. Notifications: Notifications from Blocks.

  7. Profile: View and manage your profile or switch between them.

  8. Search: The search bar adapts to the current screen (families, collections, or favorites).

  9. Families: Click to download the latest version and insert it into the project.

  10. Save: Click the icon above each family to save it.

  11. Arrow: Go to the family's information page.

The Free plan interface shows all available families, but Premium families have a lock icon in the upper right corner (12).

Inserting Families into the Project

To insert a family, click on the desired item. While loading, the Blocks Cube will appear in place of the item, and then the family will appear on the mouse cursor.

If you have difficulty changing the family's insertion plane, follow these steps:

  1. Click to download the family.

  2. Press ESC to cancel the insertion if it is on the wrong plane.

  3. Press CM (shortcut to insert a component) and the downloaded family will return to the cursor.

  4. Change the insertion plane in the Revit bar (in Modify - Place Component)


We create a new collection of 25 families weekly. Click on a collection to explore the families within it.

Saved Items

Save frequently used families in one or more folders within the plugin.

  1. Save Icon: Saves a family to your favorites.

  2. Save to: Select the folder where you want to save the family.

  3. Item to be saved: Thumbnail of the family to be saved.

  4. New Folder: Button to create a new folder.

  5. Save Button: Completes the process of saving the family.

Folder of Saved Items:

6. General: General page of saved families without specifying a folder.

7. My Folders: Folders created to organize your families.

Report Family Error

To report an error in a family, go to the family's information page and click the upper right button (1). Describe the error and click "Send".

We hope this article has helped you understand how the Blocks Plugin works. If you have any questions, contact support via chat on our website:

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