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Blocks Plugin Prerequisites
Blocks Plugin Prerequisites

What your computer needs to install and use the Blocks plugin.

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To use the Blocks plugin, your computer must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Revit:

- Revit must be installed in one of the versions compatible with the plugin. Check the supported versions here. The plugin works within Revit, so it is not possible to use it without Revit.

2. Internet Access:

- The computer and Revit need internet access. The latest version of each family is downloaded whenever you click on it in the plugin. The plugin will not function without internet access.

3. Administrator Permissions:

- As recommended by Autodesk, the default folder where the plugin files are stored requires administrative privileges on Windows. Most users can use the plugin normally, even without being an administrator on the computer. If you have many restrictions on Windows and encounter difficulties, contact Blocks support for assistance.

4. Other Requirements:

- If Revit works on your computer, the Blocks plugin will also work correctly.

If you have any questions, contact Blocks support via chat on our website:

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